1. A young widow in ibadan had a 2 years old baby admitted on account of drug reaction was assisted with N3,000               
  2. A child who was admitted to Oni Memorial children hospital on account of loss of consciousness was assisted with N10,000
  3. Attention was drawn to boy in UCH, Ibadan who has heart problem, and was being planned for surgery in India. We assisted with N20,000
  4. A tuberculosis patient admitted at Jericho Chest Hospital in Ibadan was assisted with N10,000.
  5. A young woman in Ilorin whose son suffers a psychiatric illness was assisted with the sum of N10,000 for the purchase of medicines for the sick child
  6. A young man was assisted with N15,000 to have a surgical procedure done at the University Of Ilorin Teaching Hospital.
  7. The sum of N2,500 was used to purchase the vital drug ‘insulin’ for a diabetic woman at the University Of Ilorin Teaching Hospital.

Total – N70,500.00


  1. An undergraduate student in LAUTECH, Ogbomosho, who was almost withdrawn due to non-payment of school fees, was assisted with N20,000
  2. A post secondary school student in Ibadan solicited for assistance to write GCE. She was assisted with N10,000
  3. A final Year Veterinary Medicine student in U.I was assisted with N20,000 for his final year project.
  4. A final Year Anatomy student in Unilorin was also assisted with N20,000 for her final year project.
  5. An undergraduate of the College of Education, Ilorin (UNAD affiliation) who could not pay up his school fees was assisted with the sum of N39,000.
  6. A medical student who needed N5,000 to make up his school fees was also assisted

Total- N114,000.00


  1. A family who reverted to Islam in Ibadan was faced with hardship. The husband was empowered with N20,000 to start a shoe business. Alhamdulillah now, they can make ends meets.
  2. A young widow in Ibadan with a relatively large family was supported in her (Tailoring) business with N60,000. The family is now better off.
  3. A member of the Trust fund had financial challenges, he was assisted with N20,000 as a support towards getting a motorcycle for transport business. He is now better off.
  4. A woman was given N25,000 to start a business, Alhamdulillah, the business is doing well.
  5. A woman in Ilorin was assisted with the sum of N20,000 to start petty trading.
  6. Another woman was assisted with N15,000 to commence the selling of Islamic materials.
  7. A recent amputee was assisted with the sum of N10,000.00 to assist in feeding

Total- N185,000


  1. In addition to regular visit to FOMWAN orphanage in Ibadan for medical services (consultation and treatment), we provide drugs for the motherless babies on quarterly basis. A sum of N40,000 has been expended on provision of drugs.

Total- N40,000


  • In Ramadan 1432AH (2011), provision of foodstuff to the needy cost N10,000
  • A Muslim in need in Ibadan was assisted with N7,000 for immediate relief
  • In Ramadan 1433AH (2012). Two dozens of plastic chairs were donated to Jericho Specialist Hospital in Ibadan for the use of patients’ relatives. We spent N40,000.
  • A sum of N10,000 was granted to two different families in Ibadan for immediate relief in the month of Ramadan 1433AH
  • A sum of N23,000 was expended for the provision of food stuff for  needy Muslims in Ramadan 1433AH
  • A family with financial constraints in Ibadan was assisted with N10,000
  • A sum of N85,000 has been used to refund investors in our failed business (farming and FOREX)

Total- N185,000


  1. Customized SMS: From January 2011 till date, N10,000 has been spent for purchase of customized bulk SMS units

N11,000 was spent for the year 2011 while N15,000 was spent for the year 2012

  • CAC REGISTRATION AND ANNUAL RENEWAL DUE: Having spent N110,000:00 (one hundred and ten thousand naira) to register with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), N1000 was spent for 2011 and another N1000 for the year 2012 as annual renewal.

ATF website developed a bandwidth problem which was due to traffic and was upgraded with N 5,000. Additional N2,000 was spent on the Facebook link of the website

Total- N155,000


  1. Production of letter headed paper and pamphlets costing N10,000
  2. Production of ATF Vision (annual magazine) costing N30,000
  3. Transport and miscellaneous- N17,500

       Total- N52,500

       Grand Total= N802,500.00


  1. Online FOREX business losses, where over N200,000 was lost
  2. Farm venture loss of N169,000
  3. Getting more committed members from within and outside the country
  4. Irregular contributions from some distant members

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