1. A brother whose wife was requested at U.I.T.H to do a medical test in Ibadan because of suspected Hepatitis infection and needed N30,000. N25,000 given.
  2. A sister who was a graduate of Unilorin needed N30,000 for the operation bill of her mother admitted at U.C.H on account of typhoid perforation. N10,000 given.
  3. A brother who is an orphan of both parent N10,000 for the surge (Hydrocelectomy) of his younger brother admitted in a private hospital in Ilorin. N8,000 given.
  4. A brother needed N4,000 for the payment of medical bill of his mother who was admitted in a private hospital in Kogi State. N4,000 given.

Total Grant on Health = N47,000.


  1. Two of our undergraduate sisters in University of Ilorin each needed N50,000 for the payment of stakeholder (Development Levy) fees without which they would not be allowed to write the exam. N39,000 given to both of them.
  2. A sister of University of Ado-Ekiti needed N15,000 to complete her school fees (N46,000). N10,000 given.
  3. A brother who needed N12,000 for registration for A.B.U and Ladoke Akintola University Post Jamb screening and transport fare for the two universities. N8,000 given.
  4. A brother who just graduate from medical school but needed N10,000 to complete his Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria registration. N7,000 given.
  5. A paraplegic sister whose only daughter wants to start secondary school and needed N10,000. N6,000 given.
  6. A brother who is an orphan needed N9,120 for school fees and transport fare of two of his younger siblings to school. N9,120 given.
  7. A final year sister who has family problem that rendered her financially handicapped needed N8,000 for her project. N2,000 given.
  8. A brother who needed N32,000 in pursuit of his Higher National Diploma (HND) programme. N10,000 given.
  9. A brother who needed N12,000 in pursuit of the financial attachment to his M.Sc. Programme. N8,000 given.
  10. A brother requested financial assistance on behalf of person visitation Jamah in order to provide sahur and iftar the inmates of Okekwa Prison during Ramadan. N7,000 given.
  11. A student of University of Ilorin requested financial assistance on settling a debt incurred when some properties belonging to a fellow brother were stolen from him on campus. N8,000 given.

Others = N72,000

Grand Total: N245,620.00.

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