1. N20,000 was granted to pay the tuition fee of a sister at Oyo State College of Agriculture, Igbo-Ora.
  2. N40,000 was granted to pay the school fees and final year project of a part-time student at the Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Ibadan.
  3. A married woman was given N30,000 to pay the school fees arrears of her children in a private Nursery and Primary School.
  4. N30,000 was given to an undergraduate at University of Abuja to pay his school fees and secure admission. Alhamdulilah he is now a student there!
  5. N5,000 was given to a sister for JAMB registration.
  6. N15,000 was granted to a student of Physiology, University of Ilorin College of Health Sciences (COHS) for his project.
  7. N38,000 was given to a new intake of  Al-Hikmah University to complete his tuition fee.
  8. N25,000 was given to a student of Kwara State University (KWASU) to complete his registration.
  9. N20,000 was given to an orphan  to pay her tuition at the School of Health Technology, Offa.
  10. N20,000 was given to a student of Health Management Information System, University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) for tuition.
  11. N20,000 was given to a student of Geography, University of Ilorin to complete his registration.
  12. N15,000 was given to a student of Kwara State College of Nursing to complete tuition.
  13. N15,000 was given to a student of Al-Hikmah University to complete his tuition fee.

Total = N293,000.00


  1. N50,000 was granted to an ex-student of University of Ilorin for kidney transplant.
  2. N30,000 was given to a gunshot victim for plastic surgery  at UITH,Ilorin.
  3. N20,000 was granted to a breast lump patient for surgical operation.
  4. N20,000 was given to a cancer patient at UITH.
  5. N6,000 was given to a diabetic patient  at UITH.
  6. N30,000 was granted, through OASIS, for a patient’s kidney transplant operation.
  7. N20,000 was granted for the surgical operation of a woman at Adeoyo Teaching Hospital,Ibadan.
  8. N20,000 was granted for the medical treatment of an abandoned woman at the Ring Road State Hospital,Ibadan.
  9. N10,000 was granted for the medical treatment of a brother involved in motorcycle accident.
  10. A non – Muslim female lawyer with kidney problem was assisted with N50,000 from the national purse.
  11. N100,000 from the national purse was donated to a University Muslim lecturer for liver transplant in India but the man eventually passed on.
  12. A neonate with sepsis was assisted with N12, 000 for medical treatment in a private hospital in Ibadan.

Total = N368, 000.00


  1. A bag of rice, a bag of Semovita and 25litres of groundnut oil was presented to the Muslim Orphanage, Ilorin at the cost of N16,300
  2. Also presented to the Muslim Orphanage were 150 pieces of ATF exercise books.
  3. 200 pieces of ATF exercise books were presented to FOMWAN.
  4. A sister was assisted in securing employment in a private school in Ibadan.
  5. 5.N10,000 was donated to the Muslim prisoners in Agodi,Ibadan during 1435AH/2014Ramadan.
  6. Students’ Ramadan Programme at the Oyo State School of Nursing costing N20,000.
  7. Four bags of rice were distributed among the needy during Ramadan at a cost of N40,000.
  8. Air coolant worth N26,000 was donated to the theatre unit of Jericho Specialist Hospital, Ibadan.
  9. A needy sister was assisted with N5,000 during Ramadan for immediate relief.
  10. N10,000 worth of drugs and other materials were supplied to the FOMWAN Orphanage, Ibadan on quarterly basis `totaling N30,000 per annum.
  11. Other materials and items worth N42, 000 were donated during Ramadan.
  12. Goods worth N50,000 were donated to FOMWAN orphanage in Oshogbo.

Total= N249, 300.00


  1. N50,000 from the monthly zakat fund was granted to a member to resuscitate his ailing business.
  2. N50,000 from the zakat fund was granted to an orphan to restock her provisions business.
  3. N50,000 from the zakat fund was granted to a brother whose commercial-purpose motorcycle was stolen.
  4. N50,000 from the zakat fund was given to another woman to start foodstuff trade after securing a kiosk in Ibadan.
  5. N50,000 from zakat fund was given to a brother to start egg business in Osogbo.

Total = N250,000.00


  1. A family man who lost his job was given N20,000 to start another business.
  2. A brother was granted N20,000 to re-stock his Islamic materials selling trade.
  3. A brother who learnt barbing was given N20,000 to buy materials needed to start a saloon.
  4. A sister was given N20,000 to start foodstuff trade.
  5. Another family man was assisted with N20,000 to resuscitate his kerosene business.
  6. A woman was assisted with N20,000 to start a trade of her choice.
  7. Another woman was also given N20,000 to augment her trade.
  8. Two sisters were empowered with sewing/whipping machines and other accessories worth N37,500 each totalling N75,000.00 in Ibadan.

Total = N215,000.00.00


 Members with varying degrees of needs are being granted N50,000 maximum loan each at a time from a reserve of N150,000 set aside for the purpose. The repayment pattern is strictly Islamic.

Total= N135,000.00


1. Customized Bulk SMS purchase at a cost of N20,000

2. Website Annual Subscription at a cost of N15,000

3. Corporate Affairs Commission Annual Renewal at a cost of N1,000

4. Purchase of Airtime  for communication- N1000

5. Purchase of data bundle for internet access- N4000

6. Transport cost- N20,000

Total= N61,000.00


1. N70,000 was spent to organise 2013 edition of Oyo State Annual Grant Ceremony.

2. Production of  2014 edition of ATF Vision at a cost of N75,000

3. Typesetting and photocopying of letters at a cost of N2,000

4. Production of two ATF banners -N5,000

5. Production of 200 Certificates – N3,500

6. Production of Membership forms- N5,000

7. Production of letter head paper- N4,000

8. Ramadan Family Forum Expenses -N6,580

9. Production of 500 ATF Exercise Books -N20,000

10. 15% Kwara State Remittance to NEC  -N21,000

TOTAL= N137,080.00


1.Subsidised Transport Fare for Student Executives -N5,500

2.NEC/NWC  Meeting Hosting Expenses -N6,900

TOTAL= N12,400.00

GRAND TOTAL=N1,720,700.00

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