Call to Action

Awake Oh Muslim! this is a call to action. What approach should then be employed in carrying out this enormous task? Allah has the best answer “Surely Allah loves those who struggle in His cause in rows ( coordinated manner), as if they were a solid structure” (Qur’an 61:4).
This led to the birth of Al-Ansor Trust Fund (ATF). A non-governmental organization that harnesses and coordinates the arms of the Muslims. This obviously will make meaningful impact in the lives of the less privileged. There is blessing in congregation, says the Prophet (PBUH). What we cannot achieve individually, collectively it is made easy, bearing in mind that little drops of  water can make an ocean and little pebbles can make a mountain(if Allah wills). 
Through this Qur’anic methodology (the collective and coordinated approach) ATF has been putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged. No wonder, people call it the Noah’s ark for the less privileged. 
Al-Ansor Trust Fund (ATF) is an organization of muslims that was formed in April 2000 when Allah (SWT) inspired some then Muslims students (in University of Ilorin, Nigeria) to think of how they can contribute towards lessening the burden of the less privileged.

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