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To Allah be the glory, we have been endowed with material and immaterial resources; intelligence, sound health, optimism, wealth, certificates, influence and dignity, just to mention a few. It is therefore incumbent upon us to utilize these enormous resources to cater for the relatively less endowed. This in appreciation of Allah’s countless favours on us and attempt at passing the trial (of endowment) from Him. Or how can we call ourselves Muslims, the ambassadors of Allah on earth, the giver of glad tiding and warners and fellow Muslims are suffering at our noses tips: For how long should we fold our arms in akimbo and allow Muslims to be deluded and converted from the fold of al-Islam on account of sickness, poverty and other vicissitudes of life: For how long should we allow the brotherhood of Islam be eroded all because a Muslim in need finds none to assist when it matters most ! If a friend in need is a friend indeed, then much more should be expected from believers who are brothers of one another!

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